Take a look back with me at a chapter that closed in May 2023, but still feels as vivid as ever. My time with Pulsar NI wasn’t just a gig—it was a deep dive into the world of STEM, right here in Northern Ireland, where we did everything from blowing up TikTok feeds to turning kitchens into science labs. It was real, it was messy, and it was downright fun. And while I’ve moved on, the stories, the experiments, and those eye-opening moments with budding scientists and curious minds aren’t just memories; they’re the kind of experiences that stick with you, shaping how you see the world. So, let’s rewind and relive some of the highlights from that adventure, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll catch a bit of that spark, too.

After six years of capturing mountain bike races around the world, I’ve returned as the social media creator for Vitus First Tracks. This article dives deep into my preparation and strategies for presenting the essence of a race on social media. While MTB races are my speciality, the principles here can be adapted for content creation at any live event. My approach is mobile-first and emphasises the use of trending audio, what not to capture, and the importance of getting that evergreen content. 

Lyn speaking to camera on a tripod

Chronically online & not about to change Introduction While my screen time might raise a few eyebrows, there’s no denying my passion for social media. Social media is more than just numbers—it’s about genuine engagement and finding the right platform for your brand. Dive into this article as I unveil the platforms where I champion … Read more