Social Media cheat sheet

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Get out of that posting funk immediately


If you want to use social media to grow your business, but are a little stumped with what to do and when, this social media cheat sheet is for you!

Weekly round up

Share a checklist of cool things you’ve done every day this week (pics & vids too!) & Posts from your industry you’ve enjoyed. You can then add a voiceover and some low-volume background music, to explain a little more about what’s happening. Don’t forget to tag any other accounts who might feature in your round-up, they might share it on their story and you’ll get more eyes on your account! Doing this also helps increase consistency in your posting schedule.

Be visible

Let folks know there is a real person behind the account & you’re not a catfish business! Show that lovely face! It builds trust and humanises your brand. Research shows that people want to hear unique rather than corporate content.


Set people tasks to achieve something specific to your business. Ask them to post a pic of them doing the challenge & tag you in it. Examples could include:
Jewellery shop – post a pic to your stories of you cleaning your jewellery!
Sustainability / environmental business: Show us a pic of you reusing old packaging in a novel way, we’ll put a list together of our favourites at the end of the month.

Study your insights

Re-post old, well-performing content and add updated images / video. As I always say to clients, just because you’ve talked about something relating to your business once, doesn’t mean you can never talk about it again! You absolutely must keep talking about it in new and exciting ways.

Engage authentically

Give positive words of encouragement to your followers, they deserve it and it’ll make you feel warm & happy on the inside too! Leaving meaningful comments may feel like a time-consuming part of social media, but it’s also such an important aspect. If you want to be seen to be knowledgeable about the industry you’re in, take the time to share your wisdom by responding to comments on your posts AND on others!

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