Chat GPT prompts to use this month

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Boost Your Input for Elevated Outputs


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the rise in popularity of Ai, in particular Chat GPT will not have escaped you. Maybe you’ve logged on, tried to ask a few ambiguous questions, and then logged out just as quickly because the answer sounds altogether too much like a robot? You’re not alone.

The answers you get on Chat GPT depend on the quality of the prompt you input. In the following list, I have detailed some tried and tested prompts to help use social media, to market your business in a much better way.

Before you fall down this rabbit hole, heed my warning. The answers Chat GPT gives, should not simply be copied and pasted straight on to your next social media post. A few rules I stick to include using the answer as a jumping-off point to get the creative juices flowing and being mindful to check the spelling is anglicised (Z’s instead of S’s be gone!). Let’s get into these prompts.

Chat GPT prompts to improve your social media skills.

    1. I want to create 20 motivational quotes for social media. Before we begin, I want you to ask me questions about my business, so you get to know me better.

    2. What are the most frequent questions/prompts asked here by people looking to create social media content?

    3. I’m feeling stuck with my social media posts about [topic]. Could you generate some creative ideas for me to use on [social media platform]?

    4. Come up with ten social media post ideas for promoting our [product/service].

    5. What’s currently trending in the [Your industry] on social media?

    6. Can you write a caption for this photo to be posted on Instagram? It is a [Describe it as best you can]. I will be posting it on my business account which focuses on [topic] I want the tone to sound fun/professional/motivational/formal.

    7. Can you create a storyboard for a video? I want to show a [product] being unboxed in my shop.

    8. Can you write a caption in my tone of voice to accompany this video? Here is an example of previous blogs /. emails I’ve written for my business so you can get my vibe.

    9. Can you create a call to action to end this post? Here is what I have written for a caption so far: [insert your caption here].

    10. Create 5 hooks to stop my audience scrolling on social media.

    11. I want to create a 10-slide carousel about how I started my business. Can you interview me, and then come up with a plan on how I can split them down by slide?

    12. I’ve changed my mind, can you compress my origin story into 6 slides of text?I want 4 slides of images. Can you think of some examples of photos of myself I could use, PLUS a strong caption on each photo page, please?

    13. Can you suggest a fun and playful caption for my social media post about [topic]?

    14. I am launching a product in 2 weeks. Can you create a media plan that will countdown until the launch? I want a mix of ideas for videos, story posts and captions for images.

    15. I’m doing a giveaway. I’ve had 200 people enter. Can you pick a number between 1 and 200, please?

    16. I work in a [clothes shop], can you think of 10 ideas I could make Instagram stories for using the ‘this or that’ trend?

    17. Write a social media post promoting a limited-time discount on [product/service].

    18. Provide a step-by-step guide on how to use [product/service] for the first time.

    19. I want to demonstrate how to use [product] for your [nightly routine] I want to explain the process over 10 slides in an Instagram carousel. Can you break it down for me?

    20. Create a post that addresses common misconceptions about our [product/service] and sets the record straight.

    21. I want to celebrate my business birthday, what are some ideas I can do that include my social media followers?

    22. Can you help me plan a blog post? First up, the title. I want to tell my audience about [Topic] what is the smartest way I can hook them in?

    23. Can you write a formal email reminding a customer to pay on time, please?

    24. Please suggest an app I can use to focus on my work without getting distracted and scrolling on social media.

    25. Please create a list of healthy snacks I can eat, whilst working from home, that will help improve my focus.

    26. Can you create a caption to accompany a post I want to make about how important customer feedback is?

    27. What are some tools I can use to search for trending topics in the world right now related to my industry?

    28. Write a stories strategy for _ _ _ _ (insert your expertise).

    29. Can you think of 5 Reels ideas for _ _ _ _  (insert topic).

    30. Ok, I like idea 3, can you write a caption to go with this idea. (Follow up) I want the tone of voice to be more friendly and to the point.

Did I miss any?

Is there a prompt you use often that I’ve missed from this list? Reach out on my Instagram, Threads or TikTok to let me know. Happy generating!

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