Apps that every marketer should have for content creation

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, the right app can transform your content from good to outstanding. Here are my go-to apps and their standout features.


Not only is the origin story of how this app came to be, a fascinating tale of overcoming multiple rejections until you get a resounding yes, it’s also a cracking app for business owners who need to design content without having to master serious graphic design skills. I will caveat it by saying if you want your company logo to be professionally branded, reach out to a professional or you run the risk of having something generic. On the whole, the £99 a year subscription I pay to use Canva Premium is worth so much to me. With almost daily usage, I would be lost without it for creating Reels covers, Instagram infographics and more. My favourite feature has to be the background remover tool. While I have used it to create some video presentations, I feel there are some other apps on this list that’ll serve you better!


CapCut is a must for anyone who loves meme culture! It has never been easier to create TikToks with a janikly applied greenscreen meme overlay to your work! Aesthetically, it’s iffy, but humour-wise? The sky is the limit! 

The video editing software is also easy to use for beginners and has many features in its free version. One of the best things you can do is add captions to your videos (a must for accessibility).

Video Leap

I pay for the premium version of Video Leap, but use it interchangeably with CapCut. I would say I prefer the user interface of Video Leap for editing videos, but I prefer the auto-captions feature in CapCut. Try both free versions for yourself and see which you prefer.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chat platform that can help you with all manner of things as a business owner. I use it to help me draft tricky emails, terms and conditions for my marketing agreements, and even social media captions! 

Asking Chat GPT the right questions is critical to successful AI conversations, as it helps guide the conversation in the right direction and ensures that you receive accurate answers to your queries. One of the best prompts to help Chat GPT get to know you is to first input this text: “ I am about to ask you to create 20 social media posts to be used on Instagram, before I do, I want you to ask me 10 questions about my business”. Answer all the questions, with as much detail as you can and watch the results generated become a heap more specific!

Don’t forget about real life!

While digital tools are great, sometimes analogue methods spark creativity. Nothing is as satisfying as buying yet another piece of stationery and hoping that a new notebook will be the secret to staying organised! I love having a collection of work notebooks from over the years. They are a great way of looking back at ideas you might not have used at the time but might spark further creativity today. Sometimes the world just isn’t ready to hear about it! Be warned though, notebooks are notoriously hard to search through, for those gems of an idea, especially if you have a collection as big as I do!

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