Drown Out The Doubt: Thriving Online As A Small Business Owner

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Feeling overwhelming pressure to show your face on social media? I've been there and am ready to share my thoughts.

Put your boots on, it’s time to climb cringe mountain!

Since 2015, when I stepped into the world of social media, professionally, I’ve gleaned key insights that resonate across all types of small businesses. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a boutique shop owner, or a freelance designer, putting yourself out there on the internet is daunting. It’s a platform rife with opinions and quick judgements. I know all about it! At the end of this blog I will share an example of just how nervous I used to be, in front of a camera!

Lyn working with a client

The Power of Impact Over Noise

For any business, the primary focus should be on the impact your work has on your clients’ lives. The noise of negativity is overshadowed by the satisfaction and results you deliver. This mindset ensures that you attract the right clientele—the ones who genuinely need your expertise and are most likely to appreciate and benefit from your services. Also, for those of you who are worried about what ‘that other shop’ or ‘yer one down the street’ might think of you and the things you post, they aren’t paying your bills are they? Think of your ideal customer only. Think about the brands and accounts you love to follow on social media, do you think they are cringe?

Connecting and Converting (whilst being a good egg)

In any field, the principle of providing value upfront is key. Each interaction should aim to improve the visitor’s day or solve a small part of their problems. This strategy not only builds trust but also lays a solid foundation for when they decide to engage your services more formally. Let your good energy shine through in the comments you leave, both under your content and on others. Also don’t sleep on connections made in the DMs – use that voice note function and let people know you appreciate them.

It’s all about me, me, me, right?

Truthfully, people’s attention is fleeting. They might glimpse your content between tasks and then move on. It’s crucial to remember that they’re not focusing on your content as much as you might think. Therefore, focus on the voice that matters most—the one inside you. If you’re confident in the value you’re providing, it will show and attract the right audience.

Final Thoughts: Posted Is Better Than Perfect

Don’t let imagined barriers hold you back. The stories we tell ourselves about potential criticism can paralyse our progress. Whatever your business, remember that your potential to inspire and help is significant. When you concentrate on your impact, all other concerns diminish. Step out there, make your mark, and watch as not just lives, but entire communities, might be transformed through your efforts. If this message resonates with you, why not share it with a friend too?

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